tales from the tropic of tresslo amidst the echoes of andromeda

Tales from the Tropic of Tresslo Amidst the Echoes of Andromeda

Tales from the Tropic of Tresslo Amidst The Echoes Of Andromeda is a series of paintings, sculptures, and illustrations, which tells the story of a planet (Tropic of Tresslo) and its parallel dimension (Andromeda.) The Tropic of Tresslo introduces a reproductive ecosystem of intermingled organisms, while Andromeda is a darkland of aerial aesthetics. These worlds are interconnected through portals of luminous energy. 

In the beginning of time the inception of Tropic of Tresslo was created by the foundation of flora.  The planets plant life gave birth to humanoid beings known as Tresslinites. All the while, the deceased Tresslinites fertilize the soil which enriches its environment with an endless cycle of energies. The Tropic of Tresslo is a land of day and Andromeda is submerged in its shadow. 

From light to darkness, Tresslo and Andromeda resemble a mirrored universe with an unknown inner zone, which remains a mystery to all. These worlds are linked by portals that are surging in saturation. The Tresslininites travel freely through these kinetic corridors entering Andromeda with a heightened consciousness. Though when they arrive on this side of the spectrum their bodies are encased in ivory enclosures. Andromedas twilight insight is the main cause for visitation, whereas Tresslo is the central point of dwelling. 

Tales from the Tropic of Tresslo Amidst the Echoes of Andromeda is a series about the interstellar unification of dual dimensions. The cosmic connection between Tresslo and Andromeda is one of great power warranting worldly wisdom to all wanderers. All the while, planetary procreation persists amongst interchangeable organisms ensuing an existence of evolutionary equality. In pursuance of an explanation for existence, these theories in tandem shed light on a hopeful future for a universal ecosystem of intelligence and good will.