Randi Drozd is a self taught artist drawn to theories of spiritual evolution, parallel dimensions, other worldly embodiments, mysticism, reincarnation, meditation, and cosmic connections. She depicts such concepts in an illusory world emphasizing symbolism and ritualistic traditions. Her artwork is a representation of fictional ideologies in response to primal beliefs. Her practice ranges from paintings and illustrations to sculpture, as well as paper and light installations.  Her work shifts between cohesive collections, which encompass similar objectives through different directions. Starting with mythologies of shape, pattern rhythms, and golden textures, she explores the unknown embracing symbolism and the enchantment of The Divinity. Through the years she has actualized a multitude of story-scapes divulging meanings from the mysterious. Her latest series “Tales from the Tropic of Tresslo Amidst the Echoes of Andromeda” is a representation of a planet and its parallel dimension connected by portals of luminous energy. Her current collection consisting of paintings and sculptures introduces a reproductive ecosystem of intermingled organisms and a darkland of aerial aesthetics.